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Golden eagles, brown bears, marmots and stoats - with a little luck it is possible to observe these now partially rare animals in the minds of a diversified mountain landscape in the protected enviroments of the Stilfser Joch National Park and the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.


Stifser Joch National Park

In the areas of the Park belonging to the Trentino there are all the year round guided walks and tours, such a climbing excursions, glacier crossing,night walks, excursions to the Venetian saw mill, to alpine huts and educational botanical walks. 

The National Park stretches from the glaciated high mountains right down to the valley floor at 650m. It includes the Ortler range with the Cevedale *3769m* pyramidal peak as well as  the Rabbi and Peio valleys. The altitude range means that  there is  a large variety of vegetation: spruce forest at the lower levels, larch forest   interspersed with stone pine at the higher levels and dwarf pine and rhododendron in the bush area.

The fauna is jus as varied: deer, high-up there are chamois and in the Val Zebru, rock goats. The golden eagle is the symbol of the park, but game birds such as wood grouse, black grouse and willow grouose at home here.bivaco-bataglione-ortles.jpg


Adamello Brenta Nature Park


There are two massifs within the Nature Park, the Adamello - Presanella group and the Brenta group. Typical landscape in the Adamello Group is dominated by large glaciers, numerous lakes and valleys such as the Val Genova with several waterfalls, among which are the Nardis and Nardis and the Lares falls, as well as the Val Nambrone with narrow glacial lakes such as the Cornisello lakes. The highest point is the Presanella peak at 3.558 m.

There are also some peaks of over 3000 m in the Brenta group, a chain of mountains with steep towering rock pinnacles: the highest peak is Cima Tosa 3171 m. The most beatifull peaks are in the central area, which are the most frequently visited because of the ease of access from Madonna di Campiglio. The largest valleys are the Vallasinella  with waterfalls and the quiet Val Brenta.





There are about 100 lakes in the Val di Sole, most of them are in the Peio and Rabbi valleys in the Stilfser Joch National Park -  most of known of them are Lago Careser, Lago di Caprioli, Lago Pian Palu, Lago di Tovel, Lago Malghette, Lago Verde..

The second largest in the Brenta Lago di Tovel was created by a landslip in 1300. The lake was well known because until 1964 in the summer it was coloured red  due to the presence of certain algae. Today there are brown bears in the area. Here  is an easy path round the lake.



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