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 Just like her twin sister Folgarida, Marilleva is a ski resort that was born towards the end of the 1960, namely in 1968, in the wake of the recent tourist development of Val di Sole. Split between two poles rising respectively at 900 and 1400 metres a.s.l. linked by an easy road and by a modern cable car, the resort currently sleeps 10.000 people. At 900 m there is a “terminal” with parking lots and other facilities, whereas a covered pedestrian way runs along the residential area and provides a link to cableways, hotels, facilities, swimming pools and other sports facilities. the resort ski slopes are linked with the lift facilities coming up from the nearby Folgarida and Madonna di Campiglio, with which they make up a ski carrousel going down all the sides of the mountain.


The toponym “Marilleva” is supposed to have quite a curious origin, coming from the words “Marì Levà” (husband, get up!) that a wife reportedly told to a lazy husband she was fed up with. The resort, whose life in the past Centuries was linked to the forestry and pasture-based economy of the valley, came to a new life with the tourist development of the 1960s. Glass and concrete are the main features of a building style that differs from the valley’s tradition. The resort’s design is based on overlapping steps of large building blocks. It is a self-sufficient town made of village-houses and ski slopes getting right by the house door. In may 2002 the Trent bishop Luigi Bressan gave his blessing to the first stone of a new church that will soon be built at Marilleva 1400.



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